Monday, April 12, 2010

Cutesy Little Cottage Bliss

This is where we slept and stayed up late girl talking it up. :)
Our cute little cottage. When I heard "beach house" I thought we were gonna be roughin it all weekend so I didn't even bring things to shower. I was wrong. We were spoiled. :)
This is the other house where the older gals stayed.
Our weekend getaway/ birthday adventure consisted of:
1. Lots of surprises- the best one being Ash's face when we all popped out of the stairwell.
2. LOTS of chocolate and dessert. I was in Heaven. :)
3. Laughter, games, and other sillyness.
4. Late night conversations and girly confessions.
5. Wonderful advice from the older gals on the trip. One of the best things to keep in mind- If you see an attractive, "exciting guy," mark him and avoid him, and give the seemingly boring nice guys a second glance. They may end up being perfect for you. hah :)
6. Walks on the beach
7. Buying salt water taffy and more sugar than was necessary.
8. Shopping at the cute little outlet mall and getting rad deals! I got a ton of stuff for under $20 all together. It almost felt WRONG that it was so cheap! But hey, I'll take it!
9. Singin in the car, listening to sappy country love songs. Perfection.
10. and last but not least, wonderful friends. wonderful company. :)

Happy Birthday Ash! -One of the best friends a girl could ever ask for! You  are beautiful! Thank you for blessing my life in a special way! Here's to you, darling! ;)
Super cute mirror. Needed to be documented.
On the drive home back from the beach.

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