Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunday in Corvallis

Yesterday was perfect. Probably just what I needed. I woke up at 7am, and hit the road and headed to Corvallis for the day to spend time with family, and got to hang out with one of my best friends last night, which was so good for me. Lately, my head has been in the clouds. There is this one particular thing that has been on my mind. My head has been so clouded lately, that it's a little concerning to me. I don't remember the last time I was so back and forth on something. Usually, I am pretty decisive and stick with it. Now, my head and my heart feel a little disconnected.

If anyone out there has any advice on how to smack some decent sense into someone, feel free. I'm open to it. :)

I got to hang out with my little cousins. Here's Kayla. She's a little sassy frass, but after years, she finally decided I was worth hanging out with. She used to hate me before. Why would anyone hate me, honestly??? ;)

 There she is again. In her own little world.

Here's me, lil K, and my 14 year old cuz: Christina.

Even though it was just Corvallis, it was nice to get away from here for a day, get fresh air, and spend it with my cousins that I don't see a whole lot.

I'm in this new, weird, exciting chapter in my life where: a. I don't work, and b. I don't go to school. So, basically, I'm a nerd right now. But it's only for a month until I start CNA stuff. But I am excited cuz for the past 3 years (especially the last year where I was taking a RIDICULOUS amount of school) I hardly had time for anyone or anything else, really. Of course, I would try and make time, but even then it felt like time was so limited.
So now, I am trying to take FULL ADVANTAGE of this time. I haven't moved out yet, and depending on the interview this week and the job possibilities, I may not even move out for the next few months at least. When am I ever going to have a month of basically whatever I want to do without responsibilities?


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