Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Confessions of a Semi-Frequent Insomniac:

  1. I am not perfect AT ALL. But if I'm going to believe something, I want to try and believe it with my whole heart. There's no point in dedicating your life to something you don't honestly believe in yourself. it's just empty religion.
  2. I have moments of impulsion. Moments where I don't want to feel predictable. Sometimes it's fun to wear something people would never expect you to wear or do something no one would ever expect you to do!
  3. I am emotional. Meaning, I am very in tune and self aware of how I am feeling. I used to think this was a bad character trait until my trip to India. One of my friends had told me it's good to express yourself and not hold it in. I don't cry a lot, but now if I want to cry, I'm going to just go for it. :)
  4. I am a straight-shooter. I hate the word "blunt" to describe this. I feel like there is a tactful, loving, and kind way to be open and honest with someone if you feel it's your place. I hate it when people just word vomit awful things to people and excuse it as "bluntness." No, that's just RUDE.
  5. I love passion. Even if it's misguided, I would take passion over apathy any day. What is the point of life if you aren't really LIVING?
  6. I try and be relatively healthy and work out, but when given the opportunity, I will 99.9% of the time, make an exception for french fries and dessert. Or a milkshake. Don't judge. I will eat something that tastes bad, but is good for me. I will eat something that is bad for me and tastes good.
  7.  I love questions. I have an open heart. Sometimes too open. I love meeting new people and getting to know them on a deeper level. There's only a few things I won't tell you. But there's not much personal stuff I will volunteer unless I get asked.
  8.  Sometime in my life before I settle down, I would love to just travel. Just go somewhere- anywhere. I love learning about other cultures, beliefs, and different ways of living. 
  9. I don't worry about things I probably should worry about. Taking the max late at night, going for midnight runs, and leaving my bags unattended... I need to be better about that.
  10. I am a sucker for a depressing love song. Or reading a tragedy. 
  11. Something about fireplaces makes me so happy. Love wearing slippers and wrapping myself up in a blanket- curling up in a big chair, reading next to the fireplace with a latte.
  12. I hate it when guys are passive. Especially when they expect girls to ask them out.
  13. I love honesty. I will respect you, no matter how presumably shocking it may be. I will always take the truth over what you think I want to hear. 
  14. I am such a cheese. There is so much freedom is admitting you're not cool. :o) You can now do anything you want.

  15. I am not addicted to coffee, I just can't get enough of it! ...if that makes sense. hah. There is something SO good about a cup of coffee. 
  16. I have big hopes and dreams. If life gets the best of me, I try not to let it get me down. I refuse to become bitter and jaded.
  17. I'm usually easy-going and comfortable around everybody. But when someone acts awkward and nervous, it starts to make me feel awkward and nervous. The only exception is if I think a boy is really cute. Then until I open up, I'm just a shy mess.
  18. I'm both a morning person and a night person. I can stay up till 2am (sometimes even later, which is gross) easily or I can flip to waking up at 4/5am. After 3 years of working at Starbucks, I can be flexible in my sleep patterns.
  19. I am borderline overly-affectionate. with girls. Especially big hugs and holding hands. I have just had too many people come in and out of my life unexpectedly. People that I thought would never move, have moved and left. Now, I want to appreciate every single person for who they are and love them as much as I possibly can. We're not guaranteed anything or anybody. We may not have tomorrow. Love today

      Basically, I'm crazy. :)
      There's more, but we'll save the other confessions for the many more nights ahead where I can't fall asleep.

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        1. I think you are wonderful Jessica. I am learning about the crying thing and am realizing that the world does not end if I shed a tear or two. And I could not agree more that a fireplace is a wonderful thing. May your day be wonderful and blessed Jessica. Much love.


        Hope whoever stumbles upon this blog and reads it is blessed. Leave a comment and tell me what you think. :)